Rugby Netting : Application Focus

With the Rugby Six Nations well under way what better time to share a post focused on the specialist rugby netting systems that G&M Safety Netting design and supply.

Rugby is a thrilling sport the excitement of the game can lead to unexpected ball trajectories, spectators can be at risk of injury. Unchecked stray balls can also lead to damage or disruption in adjacent areas such as roads or buildings. Rugby netting acts as a safety net, quite literally, ensuring that any wayward balls are contained within the field of play. This allows players and fans to focus on the game or their training without worrying about stray balls.

Moreover, rugby netting needs to contribute to the aesthetics of the pitch or stadium, and blend with the overall design. It should not obstruct the view for spectators, or the appearance of the surrounding neighborhood.

Rugby netting needs to reliably withstand the force of powerful kicks, and maintain its integrity for a good number of years.

Size, Weight and Speed of Rugby Balls

The measurements and weight of a rugby ball are specified by World Rugby and the Rugby League International Federation, the governing bodies for both codes, rugby union and rugby league respectively and they vary slightly. A regulation rugby ball is 27–30 cm  long and 58–62 cm in circumference at its widest point. It weighs between 380–460 g.

Studies have shown that elite Rugby Union players are able to achieve velocities of 38.1 m/s whilst imparting 405 rpm to a rugby ball (drop kick). (Holmes, C., Jones, R., Harland, A., Petzing, J. (2006). Ball Launch Characteristics for Elite Rugby Union Players. In: Moritz, E.F., Haake, S. (eds) The Engineering of Sport 6. Springer, New York, NY.)

This means that rugby nets may need to contain balls of nearly half a kilogram in weight, travelling at speeds up to 85 miles per hour and spinning at over 400rpm!

G&M Rugby Netting Systems

Our rugby netting systems are designed for the protection of players, spectators and buildings while also being unobtrusive and long lasting.  Structures can be permanently installed or designed to be retractable. Every system is designed to meet individual client requirements with various widths, heights, grades and colours. We generally use polypropylene, UV treated, 10-12 cm square mesh which is hard wearing and resistant to degradation from weather or rotting.

G&M Safety Netting is a long established independent company. We supply safety netting systems, sports netting, debris netting, bird netting and fall protection systems to a range of industries across the UK.  Our reputation is built on having the best customer service in the industry. Prompt, reliable, professional and ultimately always aiming to delivering customer satisfaction on every project.

We are happy to arrange an on site visit to assess your specific needs so we can propose the ideal solution and an accurate quote. Contact Us.

Rugby Netting at Sandbach RUFC
Rugby Netting Supplied by G&M Safety Netting at Sandbach RUFC