F-35 Squadrons supported by Team G&M

It give us all a great deal of pride here at G&M Safety Netting to have contributed to the development of RAF Lakenheath. RAF Lakenheath is the new home of the F-35 Squadrons.



Work is progressing on buildings that will be home to 2 US Air Force F-35 squadrons. When completed these will be the first 2 US Air Force F-35 Squadrons in Europe.

The base is due to welcome the first of the new aircraft in late 2021. The buildings will house the latest training and maintenance technology. Consequently enabling crews to prepare the aircraft and crews to deliver their missions effectively.

Consequently the new facilities will accommodate around 1,200 additional personnel, which are expected in late 2021.

Construction began in July 2019 with a groundbreaking ceremony at the base. Work has been progressing with 2 important buildings taking shape.

The squadron operations building will include an Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) with separate administration, amenity, lecture theatre and classroom areas.

To improve training in a variety of different operational scenarios, work has also started on the construction of a flight simulation facility to train the next generation of F-35 pilots.


During the Corona Virus pandemic, work supporting the F-35 Squadrons has continued, considered as essential infrastructure works. Consequently during this time we have had a small group of FASET Trained riggers working on the project. Consequently our workers were designated as “key workers” and as such were able to travel to and from the project during lock down.

We have installed safety net systems on all of the new buildings. Installations for the floors and roofs have been completed on the first 2 buildings.

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