FASET Decking Installer Course

Learn how to install platform decking systems

Platform decking systems are becoming the most popular way of dealing with height safety issues for those carrying out work activities in high fall risk areas, typically roofers and flooring contractors. They provide fall prevention and a safe working platform, therefore enabling the end user to work in complete safety without the risk of falling from height.

FASET Platform Installer Course is designed for operatives. Although it would suit anyone who wishes to learn how to install platform decking.

This FASET course covers the planning, installation and practical issues surrounding the correct use of platform decking on site.

FASET Platform Installer Course

Course Contents

  • Standards and legislation
  • Platform Decking Systems available 
  • How a system works 
  • Parts of a Platform Decking System 
  • Faults • Positioning Limits & Loadings 
  • Planning 
  • Installation
  • Inspection & Hand Over 
  • Dismantle Method • What’s Wrong? 
  • Inspection Routine/Care and Storage 
  • Examination/Quarantine • Test to confirm understanding and learning 
  • Practical + GSA4 Assessment (If applicable) 
  • FASET Registration + System Specific MIM to take away

Learning outcome

The course starts in a classroom environment. The theory session includes technical information, legislation and the relevant standards to platform decking. Following the presentation, you are trained hands-on with the G&M Safe Deck system. Consequently, you will be able to plan for and install platform decking using the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Therefore, you will understand their limitations and industry good practice.

Following the practical, you will be GSA4 assessed. Your skills will be measured against a set standard. Consequently, you will, providing you pass the assessment be able to apply for the Blue CSCS card. If unsuccessful, you will be advised to gain additional experience. Following this, you can be re-assessed.


The course is delivered at our training centre in Cheshire. We will advise on the suitability of away from the centre locations.


Candidates will receive a certificate of attendance. With successful completion of the test, FASET issue a certificate valid for 5 years.


Typical timings; 08:00-15:30 -may run all day. Candidate numbers; Minimum 2, Maximum 6. Lunch and drinks are also provided.

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